Which Online Shopping Is Best In Pakistan?

Which site is best for online shopping?

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in IndiaFlipkart.

Homegrown online shopping site Flipkart is the most loved shopping site.


Amazon is the next best online shopping site in India.


Softbank-backed Snapdeal is India’s third largest online shopping site.



Paytm Mall.


Bigbasket.More items…•.

Does AliExpress ship to Pakistan?

AliExpress seems to have gained some popularity with urban online shoppers due to its free shipping option to Pakistan. It is, however, difficult to estimate the actual number of AliExpress customers in Pakistan. A screenshot of AliExpress, the online retail service owned by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.

How many online shopping sites are there in Pakistan?

Check out the list of Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in PakistanDaraz.pk.WBMInternational.pk.BestBuyMall.pk.Telemart.pk.Yayvo.com.Shophive.com.Homeshopping.pk.iShopping.pk.More items…

Is Netflix available in Pakistan?

Watch Netflix on your smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, laptop, or streaming device, all for one fixed monthly fee. Plans range from Rs950 to Rs1,500 a month.

Who are the top 10 online retailers?

Even Amazon’s next nearest competitor Walmart is far behind, with just a 5.3% share. The rest of the top 10 list includes eBay (5.3%), Apple (3.7%), Home Depot (1.7%), Wayfair (1.5%), Best Buy (1.3%), then Target (1.2%) followed by Costco (1.2%) and Macy’s (1.1%).

Is Amazon a safe site?

How safe is Amazon? Amazon is as safe to use as any other established e-commerce website. It protects your personal and financial information, and transmits all of it securely. Neither Amazon nor its users are ever allowed to use your personal or financial information outside of the Amazon online marketplace.

Is eBay available in Pakistan?

Yes eBay is available in Pakistan and you can shop products from eBay easily, the only issue is making payment to eBay in Pakistan, because PayPal is not available in Pakistan, but now that is also not the issue so don’t worry, because we can pay for you to eBay to buy any product from eBay in Pakistan.

Is online shopping safe in Pakistan?

Yes, Online Shopping is safe in Pakistan. There are many sites that are really good and trustworthy. I have used them. These are the trustworthy and best sites to do online shopping .

Is Amazon available in Pakistan?

Amazon does not directly ship to Pakistan and there are only 4% products of Amazon that you can get at your doorstep in Pakistan. There is no straight delivery procedure from Amazon in Pakistan. But, you can get Amazon products in Pakistan at our online store.

What is the most reliable online shopping site?

25 Most Popular Online Shopping Sites and Online Stores 2019Amazon.com. Over the years, Amazon has been leading the way in online shopping, especially for general merchandise. … eBay.com. eBay is the largest online auction site with average monthly traffic of 817.6 million. … Etsy.com. … InspireUplift.com. … Overstock.com. … Wish.com. … Alibaba.com. … Aliexpress.com.More items…•

How can I shop online in Pakistan?

All this shows a very promising future for online shopping stores in Pakistan….Daraz.pk. … Symbios.pk. … Shophive.com. … Homeshopping.pk. … Yayvo.com. … IShopping.pk. … Telemart.pk. … Mega.pk.

Which online site is best for shopping clothes?

Best Online Clothes Shopping Sites in USAASOS. ASOS has forever been a fortress of edgy and trendy clothes. … Boohoo. If you are looking for high-quality clothes at an affordable price, then Boohoo is exactly where you need to be. … Lululemon.PrettyLittleThing. … Forever 21.

Is Alibaba available in Pakistan?

Alibaba Pakistan: Alibaba Official Online Store in Pakistan – Daraz.pk.

What are the cheapest online shopping sites?

6 Cheapest Online Shopping Sites for Clothes in the USAName of sitesAddress of sitesMain product categoryBoohoous.boohoo.comWomen’s wearsLulemonshop.lulemon.comMen’s and women’s wearsRuelalawww.ruelala.comWomen’s wear, men’s wear, kids’wear, bags, shoes.Athletaathleta.gap.comWomen’s and girls’ wears.2 more rows•Dec 28, 2018

What should I buy online?

What to Buy OnlineElectronics. Buying a new gadget, such as a TV or a smartphone, is a complicated process. … Medicines. … Baby Supplies. … Pet Food. … Books. … Exercise Gear. … Luggage. … Clothing Basics.More items…

Why is Amazon banned in Pakistan?

One of the reason for PayPal or amazon to ban Pakistan is abusive buyer and abusive seller they see in Pakistan.

What is the cheapest online store?

13 Bargain Websites That Are Cheaper Than eBayBen’s Bargains. Ben’s Bargains gives you the hottest and newest deals as soon as you land on the site. … DealNews. Find the cheapest deals online on gadgets, computers, electronics, cameras, and a lot more with DealNews. … DealsPlus. … Slickdeals. … GottaDeal.com. … DealCatcher. … CouponoBox. … RetailMeNot.More items…•

Is there any Walmart in Pakistan?

Walmart is one of the top retail store chain in the world that offer the products from all fields of life. … But, the Walmart hasn’t opened any stores in Pakistan or even their website is not available to buy products online and ship within Pakistan.