What Is More Important Present Or Future?

Why you should focus on the future?

Worrying about the future creates stress in your life.

However, focusing on the future gives you something to look ahead to.

It takes you beyond the present and guides your actions in the present.

People who live like tomorrow doesn’t exist end up paying a heavy price..

Does your past define you?

According to Dr. Linda Paul, “No, the past does not define who you are. The past certainly influences a person, including influencing how they see their possibilities, but some change and some control is possible. … The past does not define us as people because the past is constantly changing.

Why is it good to live in the present?

Living in the present will make you happier. I don’t like to throw the phrase “make you happier” around too often because nothing makes you happy but yourself. In saying that, living in the present is one of the sure fire methods you can adopt in order to manifest genuine happiness in your life.

What is it called when you live in the moment?

Living in the moment—also called mindfulness—is a state of active, open, intentional attention on the present. When you become mindful, you realize that you are not your thoughts; you become an observer of your thoughts from moment to moment without judging them.

Why is being present important?

By being present in the moment (and savoring the time leading up to it), you obtain a higher level of satisfaction, allow yourself to have a better experience, and feel more fulfilled as the event has not come and gone as quickly.

How can I focus on my future?

Let It Go: 5 Tips for Focusing on the Present & Maximizing Your…Let go of the negative feelings you are carrying around. … Re-evaluate your environment. … Create space for new things & positive thoughts. … Know who you are not, at least as much as who you are. … Accept you will make mistakes, but have the discipline to learn from them and move on.

What it means to live in the moment?

Living in the present moment means letting go of the past and not waiting for the future. It means living your life consciously, aware that each moment you breathe is a gift. … Past and future are in the mind only—I am now.

Why is the present the most important time in life?

The present moment is the only time we can modify with our actions and decisions. … It’s important for us to stop for a second and think about the number of times we’ve kept ourselves from living in the present moment just out of fear of future or past memories.

Is living in the moment a good thing?

Living for the moment is the reason people leave marriages, lose control over their health, and why America is trillions of dollars in debt. Instead of living for the moment, it is better to live for the past—as you’d prefer to remember that moment, and your life in general. Indeed, time is fleeting.

What is better past or future?

Most people love a trip down memory lane. They yearn for the past with a tinge of pleasure, because they believe the past is better than the present. However, time will pass and things will change.

Does your past define your future?

It is true that your current life is, to a large extent, the result of your past actions, choices and experiences. … The great news, however, is that your future is determined by how you act in the present moment.

How can the past help us today?

The Past Teaches Us About the Present Because history gives us the tools to analyze and explain problems in the past, it positions us to see patterns that might otherwise be invisible in the present – thus providing a crucial perspective for understanding (and solving!) current and future problems.

Is the present more important than the future?

The present is the here and now, the place where we live in time, but the present is a constantly moving place. … However the present is just as important as the past or the future, for without it the past was for nothing, and the future will never arrive.

Why is it hard to be present?

The other reason why it’s so hard for us to live in the present is that our intelligent cognition simply denies its existence. Our mind views time as a continuous and linear process. Because it is continuous, any millisecond before the present moment is already past and any millisecond later is already a future.

How can I stop focusing on my future?

I use a different technique each time I find myself worried about the future, or worried about anything for that matter.Practice Mindfulness. … Do Deep Breathing. … Express Extra Gratitude. … Lean Into “What Ifs” … Take Back Control. … Tighten and Release. … Use Worry as a Gauge. … Write or Talk It Out.

Should you live for the present or the future?

In a word, selectivity. Live in the present for most of your time. But live in the future – be concerned about building a better life for yourself and the people you truly care about – for the vital moments when you can make a difference. When you make the decisions that may change your life, and that of others.

How can we live in present?

How Do You Live in the Moment?Remove unneeded possessions. Minimalism forces you to live in the present. … Smile. … Fully appreciate the moments of today. … Forgive past hurts. … Love your job. … Dream about the future, but work hard today. … Don’t dwell on past accomplishments. … Stop worrying.More items…

How can we make the future better?

5 Keys to Creating Your Best Tomorrow, TodayMake friends with uncertainty and change. Nonstop uncertainty and change are the new normal. … Look for and find the future. … Practice relentless self-development. … Remove and improve. … Determine your goals beyond the workplace.