Quick Answer: Why Did Mr Bentley Leave The Jeffersons?

What happened to Mr Bentley from The Jeffersons?


On December 1, 2008, Benedict was found dead of natural causes at his home in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

He was 70 years old..

Why did Mike Evans leave the Jeffersons?

Mike Evans left The Jeffersons after its first season in order to devote more time to writing for Maude spin-off Good Times, which he had helped create. Damon Evans (no relation to Mike) played the role from the fall of 1975 until early 1978.

Who played Mr Bentley on The Jeffersons live?

Paul BenedictHarry Bentley (Paul Benedict): Stephen Tobolowsky Veteran actor Tobolowsky was also a regular on Netflix’s One Day at a Time and recurs on The Goldbergs and Schooled.

Who all died on the Jefferson show?

Extras & Daily FeaturesNameBornDiedSherman Hemsley2/1/19387/24/2012Isabel Sanford8/29/19177/9/2004Zara Cully1/26/18922/28/1978Marla Gibbs6/14/19314 more rows