Quick Answer: Can You Mix And Match Blazer And Pants?

Can you wear different color blazer and pants?

To recap, it’s perfectly fine to wear suit separates.

Some men even prefer wearing different suit trousers than their jacket.

When these two garments feature a different color or style, it creates a more complex appearance..

Should shoes be darker than pants?

The starting point for any decision about what shoes to wear with an outfit, is that they should be darker than the trousers. So with a charcoal trouser, a black shoe or very dark brown.

Can you wear a GREY suit jacket with navy pants?

A grey blazer and navy pants are good for both semi-casual events and day-to-day wear. … A grey blazer and navy pants are absolute mainstays if you’re planning a classic wardrobe that matches up to the highest men’s style standards. For extra fashion points, throw a pair of black leather loafers in the mix.

Can you mix and match suit jacket and pants?

It is entirely possible to pair a jacket and trousers in similar tones without looking like you’ve got your suits mixed up. Greys can work, but blue is the safest colour option when going tonal. The only rule to keep in mind is making sure there’s some point of difference between the upper and lower body.

Should Blazer be darker than pants?

Wear darker colours toward the bottom of the body, so if wearing a suit make sure your shirt (and tie) are lighter. If wearing a casual jacket and trousers, again make sure trousers are darker than the top half. Dark bottom, light top = taller.

What is the difference between a sport coat and a blazer?

The difference between a sport coat, blazer, and suit coat comes down to patterns, buttons and fabric. A sport coat is a patterned jacket that coordinates with trousers that are not made of the same fabric or have the same pattern. A blazer is a solid color jacket with contrasting (often metal) buttons.

Does a black jacket go with GREY pants?

Absolutely. A suit jacket is just a dinner jacket with the corresponding pants in the same fabric. So a black jacket matches well with grey pants. Just make sure the pants aren’t so dark grey that it looks like you’re trying to fake a suit.

Can you wear a blazer with suit pants?

It’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to find an exact match in colour and texture, and it’ll look awkward. It’s best to go with trousers that contrast the blazer. If you add a tie it’ll look just a formal as a suit without tie. … I would avoid formal trousers with a casual blazer.

Is it OK to wear a suit jacket with jeans?

When it comes to wearing a suit jacket and jeans, the answer is, with very few exceptions, decidedly no. A suit jacket is more structured, spare in details, smooth in fabric, and formal in appearance; thus, paired with the casualness of jeans, the resulting look is simply too discordant and jarring.

Do blazer and pants have to match?

If it’s blue with buttons, it’s a blazer – non-negotiable. If it’s made of nice fabric and has matching pants, it’s a suit jacket. These jackets can all be worn with denim or khakis, as long as the colors and fabrics complement each other. However, a suit jacket should only be worn with the appropriate dress pants.

What pants go with a navy blazer?

Light khaki, olive green, gray, brown, or even light blue trousers will look professional if styled correctly. -Any color dress shoes go well with navy, from black to Merlot. -Be creative with the color of your shirt.

What kind of pants do you wear with a blazer?

Black and navy are out; you want your pants to neither be darker than your blazer, nor too close in color to it — otherwise, the overall outfit will look too much like a suit that doesn’t quite match. Gray wool trousers are a great option; light-colored trousers or chinos are little less formal, but still look sharp.

What color blazer goes best with black pants?

Black Jacket A black blazer looks best with black, grey or light blue pants. You could also wear khaki, olive or patterned pants with a black blazer. Stay away from navy and dark brown pants. Wearing an all black suit is typically reserved for weddings and funerals so change it up with a different colored pant.

Can I wear a blazer with chinos?

You can wear a blazer over almost any shirt or sweater, and pair it with any type of trousers (jeans, suit, chinos.. even shorts!).