Quick Answer: Can I Do CS After CA?

What is best ca combination?

Best option can be CS or LLB.

I think these two courses would make gteat combination with CA.

You can prefer any course like CS CWA or any other course like a certification course in sap or search institute site for some courses whch could help you in long term.

Mostly useful degree is LLB or MBA(Finance) ..

Can we do CA CS and BCOM together?

As per the ICAI guidelines, you can pursue only one another course along with CA during the time of articleship, it can be B. Com or CS or any other course. … By this time, you can only give CS Executive and continue with B. Com (as only one course can go along with articleship).

Can I pursue CS while working?

Yes, You can pursue Company Secretary course during your job Study At Home help you to manage your study along with your job, Study At Home is an e- leading online site which provided the online video lectures by the most talented faculties of India and because of online lectures you can easily solve your doubts by …

Is CS easier than CA?

Easy Studies – CS is much easier as compared to CA which has been referred to the toughest course in India. The CA course is easy to enter but tough to exit. While the CS is also not easy but not as tough as CA.

Who Earns More CA or MBA?

Salary Package: CA vs MBA A Qualified CA can get an average starting salary of 5-8 Lakhs for annum. … Whereas for MBA graduates, the average MBA salary in India which is offered in top B-Schools may range from 12-15 lakhs per annum.

Can CA earn in crores?

On an average an experienced Indian CA earn around 40-50 lakhs per annum. If you are asking for 1 crore in 1 month,it is not easy but definitely is possible. Once a person establishes himself as a good practising CA or leading consultant advisor,he may get the salary as mentioned.

Is CA or CS better?

In most cases, there isn’t a point to get both of these certifications. Both credentials offer different opportunities, but in most cases a CA can do everything that a CS can do. Thus, if you are going to get one certification, you are better off just becoming a chartered accountant.

Can a CS become CEO?

CS holds a very high rank or position in a firm and also comes right next to the CEO and Managing Director, and whole-time directors. A company secretary can be the CEO of the company too, which keeps his/her position close to the board of directors.

Does CS have scope in future?

The career opportunities and scope of CS are very vast as one can find a job in the field of the private sector, public sector, banks, stock exchange, law firms, and other financial institutions.

How difficult is CS?

CS is Easy Than CA. This May Be True for Some Student and May be Wrong for Some Students. Easy and Tough Totally Depends on upon Person to Person. … in Terms of Result and Pass % in 2015 CA Pass % Was 5.75% and CS Pass % Was 3.61%.

What is the fees of CS course?

CS Course DetailsCourseCSFee Offered for CSFoundation Programme= Rs. 3,600 Executive Programme= RS. 7000 Professional Programme= Rs. 12000Course TypeCertificationStarting salaryRs 3 lakhs to Rs 5 lakhs per annumAdvance Courses5 more rows

Can we do CS after CA?

Yes. Indeed, you can pursue multiple courses like CA, CS and CMA. All three at the same time even!

Is there any exemption for CA in CS?

Even if you are a CA qualified, there is no exemption for you at the time of appearing for any of the levels in CS. You get exemption only at the foundation level if you are a graduate, cleared CPT, or ICWAI foundation course.

What is the salary of CS per month?

Pay Scale/Salary of Company Secretary (CS)Job ProfileStarting Salary per annum (in INR)Senior Level Salary per annum (In INR)Company SecretaryRs. 3,00,000Rs. 9,00,000 – 12,00,000Legal AdvisorRs. 3,00,000Rs. 10,00,000Principal SecretaryRs. 3,00,000Rs. 9,00,000 – 12,00,000

Is CS Articleship compulsory?

Originally Answered: is articleship compulsory for cs? Yes! If you have passed Foundation level (entrance level) & want to start Internship, duration is 3 years. Passed any module out of two of Executive level (intermediate level) , duration is 15 months.

Which degree is best with CS?

Now look at the course details clearly from below:CA with CS. The course of Chartered Accountancy is also a preferred course along with CS. … L.L.B. with CS. Let me put my favourite option at number one i.e. LL. … MBA Finance with CS. … Certification Programmes by ICSI. … NCFM Course. … Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA-India)

Does CS require maths?

No, maths is not compulsory for company secretary. It is the course which can be pursued after 12th class. Institute of Company Secretaries of India is institute which conducts exams of cs, cs comprises of 3 stages cs foundation, cs executive, cs professional.

What is exemption in CS?

If a candidate appears in all the required papers covered under the moduleand fails in only one paper covered under the module, he/ she shall become eligible for exemption in the remaining papers, if he/she scores 60% or more marks taken all such remaining papers together & at least 40% marks in each remaining paper.

Is CA & CS a good combination?

CA +CS combination is always good as at the initial stage of career you will have edge over the people with one qualification both in terms of selection in interview and salary offer.

Is doing Cs worth it?

Computer science is an ideal choice for students who enjoy math and problem-solving. Majoring in this field can lead to lucrative careers that will remain in high demand. A four-year computer science degree is challenging, but well worth the investment.

What is the salary of CS fresher?

While the average salary of fresher may start at somewhere around Rs 4 lakh per annum, it can go up to Rs 9 lakh with an experience ranging between five and nine years and touch Rs 20 lakh per annum for those with an experience of 20 years and over.