Quick Answer: Can Any Walkie Talkie Connect To Another?

What is the best frequency for two way radios?

UHF radios (Ultra High Frequency) operate on frequencies ranging from 400-512 Megahertz (MHz).

UHF radios work best for most two-way radio users because the waves are shorter and can get around or penetrate areas of interference, like those found in buildings, thickly wooded or hilly areas, and urban outdoor settings..

Do walkie talkies work anywhere?

Walkie-talkies are wireless, hand-held radios that are small enough to take just about anywhere. … They have a half-duplex channel, which indicates that only one walkie-talkie on a channel can transmit a signal at one time, although many radios can receive that same signal.

How far can walkie talkies reach?

So realistically, for two people carrying a handheld two-way radio, the maximum communication distance on flat ground with no obstructions is around 4 to 6 miles. So you may be wondering why you see radios that have range claims of 25 miles or higher. Technically they could communicate that far.

Can I use my Baofeng as walkie talkie?

You cannot use it to communicate with any standard walkie talkies, whether they use CB, FRS, GMRS, or MURS. … To sum it up, it has to be MURS Part 95 certified or be grandfathered in, of which the Baofeng is neither. Of course CB uses way different frequencies but I’ll tell why it isn’t legal, in case it helps someone.

Is Baofeng illegal?

While it’s true many of the Baofengs are wide open on any frequency in the 136–174Mhz and 400–520Mhz range, and it is illegal to import, market and sell these devices, it is not illegal to own or operate these devices if you are a licensed Amateur radio operator and you are operating only on amateur radio frequencies.

Does walkie talkie need wifi?

Get help. If your iPhone isn’t nearby, you can use Walkie-Talkie with a cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

What does 10 4 mean on a walkie talkie?

10-3 = Stop transmitting. 10-4 = Message received. 10-5 = Relay message to ___ 10-6 = Busy, please stand by. 10-7 = Out of service, leaving the air.

Can police hear walkie talkies?

Most standard consumer walkie talkies will not allow you to listen in on the police, so finding a scanner which has access is key if you hope to gain access and listen to those emergency channels. … You could also check out the Uniden BC125AT below, which is a very popular handheld police scanner.

Can different brand two way radios communicate?

Regardless of the number of channels in the radio, the two way radios can be mixed with other brand radios. Only the radios have to be set to the same privacy code, the channel number, and the same frequency.

How many walkie talkies can be on the same channel?

Five Way Walkie-Talkie Radio You can have 5, 6, 7 or a dozen or more walkie-talkies all communicating on the same channel – you do not have to ask for or buy a special “5 way” radio system.

Are all Retevis walkie talkies compatible?

Retevis RT22 and Retevis 15 are both FRS, Retevis H-777 is UHF,they can be programmed to the same frequency and CTCSS,they are compatible with each other.

Is it illegal to use walkie talkies?

it is legal to talk on a walkie-talkie, provided you always have proper control of your vehicle. The same applies to eating fast food. But be warned, police can book you if they think that either the two-way or the hamburger is distracting you.

Are walkie talkies private?

Walkie Talkies, or PMRs, are handheld, portable radios that communicate wirelessly using radio waves on a single, shared frequency band. … Because of this PMRs (private mobile radio) have quite a lot of uses including: Police Service.

Is it illegal to use a two way radio while driving?

Use of a CB radio or any other 2-way radio while driving is not illegal as long as a user maintains proper control of the vehicle. … NSW: mobile phone does not include a CB radio or any other two-way radio.

Can walkie talkies communicate with CB radios?

A: Mostly you can not talk to a CB radio using a handheld walkie talkie. You can, however, receive transmission but when you try to communicate with a CB using a walkie talkie, the other end-user from a CB will not hear you. CB is built to communicate with CB radios.

Can walkie talkies go through walls?

UHF radios operate at 400 to 512 MHz. They are more versatile than VHF radios as they can penetrate through building walls. UHFs have shorter waves and are ideal for carrying around due to their ability to get through interference.

Are walkie talkies secure?

They have a system to digitally encrypt your data. 2. You can programme them to be used for your designated business band channels. With the use of data encryption and a secure channel, you can safely and privately communicate in your organization without any interference from any in-range radios.

Can you connect two different walkie talkies?

It doesn’t matter how many walkie-talkies you are connecting to, as long as they all are on the same channel and in most cases, within communication range. It is also important to note that you can use different walkie-talkie brands to communicate.