Question: Is Mussy A Word?

Is Erose a word?


Irregularly notched, toothed, or indented: erose leaves.

[From Latin ērōsus, past participle of ērōdere, to gnaw off; see erode.].

What’s another word for useless?

What is another word for useless?ineffectualimpracticalfutilehopelessineffectivepointlessinefficaciousunproductiveworthlessinutile223 more rows

What does Scather mean?

Dictionary Definition of scather 1. to attack with severe criticism. 2. Archaic. to hurt, harm, or injure; sear.

What is the opposite of useless?

Antonyms: useful, recyclable, utilizable, reusable, utile, utilitarian, useable, serviceable, usable, reclaimable, multipurpose.

Is Erose a Scrabble word?

EROSE is a valid scrabble word.

What does the word Erose mean?

adjective. jagged or uneven, as though gnawed or bittenerose leaves.

What is the verb of erosion?

1[transitive, intransitive] to gradually destroy the surface of something through the action of wind, rain, etc.; to be gradually destroyed in this way synonym wear away erode something (away) The cliff face has been steadily eroded by the ocean.

What does nimble mean?

quick and light in movement; moving with ease; agile; active; rapid: nimble feet. quick to understand, think, devise, etc.: a nimble mind. cleverly contrived: a story with a nimble plot.

Is uselessly a word?

Incapable of acting or functioning effectively; ineffectual or inept: He panics easily and is useless in an emergency. use′less·ly adv. use′less·ness n.

Is the mostest a word?

Most. The definition of mostest is slang for having lots of good qualities. An example of the mostest is how you describe a great hostess. (nonstandard) Most.

Is Scath a word?

Also found in: Thesaurus, Wikipedia. n. Harm; damage; injury; hurt; waste; misfortune.

What does the word scathe mean?

verb (used with object), scathed, scath·ing. to attack with severe criticism. to hurt, harm, or injure, as by scorching.