Question: Can You Still Get Felwinter’S Lie In Season 11?

How do you get Felwinter’s Lie 2020?

How to get Felwinter’s Lie in Destiny 2Talk to Ana Bray on Mars to pick up The Lie quest.Accept the already complete Warmind Evaluation community step.Visit Earth for the Vostok Visited quest and scan three objects.Complete 1000 Shotgun kills.Visit Rasputin on the Moon and visit the quest area..

Why is mindbenders ambition so good?

Mindbender’s Ambition Because of the ease of farming a nightfall, in comparison to waiting for the right Dreaming City drop, makes this a top-tier choice to hunt for. The reason the Mindbender’s Ambition shines over other aggressive frames is the Quickdraw perk, which maxes handling.

Is Felwinter’s lie coming back?

Felwinters is set to return with some friends next season. Bungie announced this morning in a developer update that they will be adding Felwinters and a whole slew of other weapons come Season 13. These weapons are set to be obtained from the collections Kiosk and no price has yet to be announced.

What is Felwinters lie?

Felwinter’s Lie is a legendary Shotgun. It is the renewed version of a Destiny 1 weapon of the same name.

How good is Felwinter’s lie?

The Good. Like most other weapons bearing the Sigil of the Iron Lords, Felwinter’s Lie has extremes: It sacrifices rate of fire and stability for high Impact and range. … Naturally, this means that in PvE, it is an excellent weapon to stop charging enemies like Minotaurs (especially since the 200% damage buff).

Is Felwinter’s lie a slug shotgun?

Felwinter’s Lie is a legendary shotgun. It could be obtained as a completion reward from the Iron Banner in Year 1.

Is the recluse being sunsetted?

Example: Recluse was sunsetted in Season 12. This means Recluse can only go as high as Season 11’s Max Power Level.

Who killed Felwinter?

Felwinter was one of the nine Iron Lords who made it to the SIVA replication chamber and tried to stop the spread to adverse effects. He was killed when Jolder sealed the chamber with all the Iron Lords in it, bar Saladin, and blew it up.

Can you still get Felwinter’s lie in Destiny 2?

Introduced in Season of the Worthy, the Felwinter’s Lie shotgun quickly became a staple of the PVP meta in Destiny 2. … When the season ended, the quest for the gun disappeared and it could no longer be acquired.

Is the lie quest still bugged?

The quest is seemingly active, but there are no more markers or info. Given the tricksy name of the questline, some players speculated that this could be some sort of opaque scavenger hunt. Apparently not. Bungie community manager Dylan ‘dmg04’ Gafner acknowledged that The Lie is indeed bugged.

How do I get Mind Benders ambition?

Mindbender’s Ambition is available from the Hollowed Lair Nightfall Strike. Despite the rumors and myths floating about the internet, your chances of getting a Nightfall exclusive weapon do not increase with a high score.

Is Felwinter’s lie exotic?

Your reward is Felwinter’s Lie, a popular Exotic shotgun that debuted in the original Destiny. It appears to come as a fixed roll with Full Choke, Accurized Rounds, Slideshot and Opening Shot attributed, with the Shot Package perk — that provides a uniform pellet spread.