Is Verizon Offering Free Premium Channels?

What is the best FIOS TV package?

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If you live, eat, and breathe sports, then Verizon’s The Most Fios TV package is for you.

It’s filled to the brim with sports channels like NBA TV, Golf Channel, and NFL Network.

And the Fios Gigabit Connection offers download speeds of up to 940 Mbps..

How can I watch Showtime for free?

Download the SHOWTIME app from the Google Play store….How can I get the SHOWTIME streaming service?Visit ‘Start Your Free Trial’Follow the on-screen instructions to start a free trial and create your SHOWTIME account.

How much is Verizon cable a month?

Verizon Internet, TV and Phone Plans & PricesVerizon Fios PlanPriceVerizon Fios Plan 200 Mbps SpeedPrice $39.99/mo*Verizon Fios Plan 400 Mbps SpeedPrice $59.99/mo*Verizon Fios Plan Gigabit ConnectionPrice $79.99/mo*Verizon Fios Plan Fios TV Test DrivePrice $50.00/mo*8 more rows

Is Epix free on Verizon?

Verizon FiOS is the first provider to launch the new channel, and has been offering a free preview of EPIX on-demand since August. FiOS TV customers will get to check out the EPIX HD and SD channels free of charge, from Oct. … EPIX will be available for sale starting Nov. 2, for $9.99 per month.

Is Starz free right now?

Watch STARZ series, movies and more for free all week long Free series, movies and more you can catch on STARZ include series such as: Power.

What channels are free on Verizon?

Verizon recently announces that Wireless and Fios customers would have access to several learning tools and premium TV channels at no additional cost. Now, Verizon will be adding HBO, Cinemax, and Starz to that lineup of 80+ channels that customers can enjoy while spending more time at home.

What premium channels are free?

Roku Customers Now Have a Month of Free Premium Channel AccessSHOWTIME.EPIX.Noggin (60-day trial available starting 4/1/20)Lifetime Movie Club.History Vault.Smithsonian.Hallmark.A&E Crime Central.More items…•

What is the best Verizon FIOS package deal?

NEW Verizon Fios Bundle Deals – Top 3 Exclusive OffersBest Fios Bundle Deal » Fios Gigabit Connection + Fios TV ($100 VISA Reward Card) … Best Deal for Gigabit Speeds » Fios Gigabit Internet for $79.99 per month. … Best Deal for Internet on a Budget » Fios 200/200 Internet for $39.99 per month. … Why Sign Up Online? … Why I’m Tracking Verizon Fios Deals. … Why Verizon Internet Rules.More items…•

How much does it cost to add Starz to Verizon?

Premium Channels and Packs Such content can be costly, with prices reaching $99. Movies: HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, Epix: One for $15/mo, 2 for $25/mo, 3 for $30/mo, all for $40/mo.

What channels are included in Verizon custom TV?

Your Fios TV comes with ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Telemundo, and Univision. Then you get to choose your top five favorite channels, and Fios will recommend a customized channel lineup based on your choices.

Is Starz free with Roku?

If you’re already a STARZ subscriber, you can download the app right now and enjoy it free. Or, subscribe to STARZ direct through your Roku TV, Roku Streaming Stick or Roku streaming media player and try it free for 7 days (just $8.99/month after free trial).

Is Epix free with Amazon Prime?

Share All sharing options for: Epix is now available as a channel on Amazon Prime. Premium cable network Epix announced that it is now available on Amazon Prime as a video channel, six months after it launched as such on Roku. Prime subscribers can add on the network as a channel for $5.99 a month.

Is Epix available on Netflix?

On August 10, 2010, Netflix announced that it had reached an exclusive licensing deal with Epix, allowing subscribers of the streaming service to access movie titles released by Epix’s content distributors to which the channel holds television and primary streaming rights.

Is HBO max free with Verizon?

All of Verizon’s existing Fios customers who subscribe to HBO or HBO Now will get immediate access to HBO Max at launch and at no extra cost. HBO Max will be available to these customers in addition to their existing HBO linear or streaming services.

Is Netflix free with Roku?

There are no monthly fees for watching free channels or for using a Roku device. You only have to pay for subscription channels like Netflix, cable-replacement services like Sling TV, or movie and TV show rentals from services like FandangoNOW.