How Tall Is Batman?

How tall is Joker from Persona?

5’91 Joker (Age: 16, Height: 5’9, Birthday: Unknown).

Is the Joker taller than Batman?

Joker in the comics is officially billed at something like 6′5″ tall, making him taller than Batman at 6′2″. … The animated series and the Arkham games actually seem to have Joker at his billed height.

Is Batman taller than Superman?

No. He’s an inch shorter. Batman is supposed to be 6’2″ and Superman an Inch Taller. Sometimes they look the same and sometimes Batman looks like he’s a foot shorter.

What is Batman’s height and weight?

Audiences expect you to look like a superhero.” Ironically, data collected by Moviepilot suggest that since Batman first appeared in feature-length films 50 years ago, Mr West has been the closest in physique to the Gotham crusader as specified in the comic books: 6’2″ (1.88m) tall, and weighing 210 pounds (95kg).

How tall is the new Batman?

According to IMDB, he’s 173 CM tall (5’8″).

How tall is Olaf in frozen?

5 foot 4 inchesAccording to Google, Olaf measures up at 5 foot 4 inches – making him an entire inch taller than the average woman in the UK.